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††††††††††† The Nebraska Pardons Board was created through Article IV, Section 13, of the Nebraska Constitution.The Board is not governed by the Nebraska Administrative Procedures Act, and itís constitutional powers cannot be limited or modified by any act or the legislature or of the Nebraska Courts.

††††††††††† In 1911, the legislature created the State Prison Board, which also served as an advisory board of pardons.These Boardsí functions were merged with the Department of Public Welfare in 1919.A constitutional amendment adopted in 1920 crated a Board of Pardons and designated the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General as members.This Board also handled matters pertaining to parole of inmates housed within the State of Nebraska.

††††††††††† The 1969 Legislature, pursuant to a constitutional amendment passed in 1968, created a separate Board of Parole.Pardon authority remained exclusively with the Board of Pardons.


Current Members††††


Elected Office

Pete Ricketts



Robert Evnen


Secretary of State

Doug Peterson


Attorney General


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